Elmer Gates and the Art of Mind-Using
by Donald Edson Gates

© 1971 Donald Edson Gates. Reproduced with permissionn.

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Contents, Preface

PART ONE: Origin and Development of the Art of Mind-Using
Chapter 1. Early Tendencies and Influences
Chapter 2. Further Insights, Impulses and Purposes
Chapter 3. Quiescence and the New Introspection
Chapter 4. Bodily and Environmental Conditions
Chapter 5. The First Period: Awakening to Predilections
Chapter 6. The Beginning of a Scientific Art of Mind-Using
Chapter 7. Attention, Dirigation, and the Newest Introspection
Chapter 8. More Mind: Mind-Embodiment and Brain-Building
Chapter 9. Steps Toward an Art of Discovery

PART TWO: The Thirty-Three Years' Work
Chapter 10. A Final Test
Chapter 11. In Honor of an Important Event
Chapter 12. The Laboratory Epic
Chapter 13. The Laboratory Epic—Part Two
Chapter 14. The Chevy Chase Record
Chapter 15. The Bridge to Validation
Chapter 16. A Cosmos of Consciousness

PART THREE: The Twelve Years' Work
Chapter 17. A Dominancy Won
Chapter 18. The Business Dominancy Lost
Chapter 19. The Growing Ideal
Chapter 20. Time: All There Is

PART FOUR: The Three Messages of Elmer Gates
Chapter 21. The First Message: The Twelve Volumes
Chapter 22. The Second Message: The Institutional Work
Chapter 23. The Third Message: The Teachers and Pupils Association

The World Teachers

A Taxonomy of Heurotechny